#90 Days of Autumn

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To mark the beginning of the new school year, starting on 5th September I will tweet once a day for 90 days with ideas for outdoor activities and resources that lend themselves to the autumn season. You can find loads more ideas in my series of books about Developing Early Skills in Maths, Science and Literacy Outdoors, published by Practical Pre-School Books..

  1. Go on a scavenger hunt for natural objects on the beach, in the woods or in the park (CL, UW)
  2. It’s Battle of Britain in Jersey. Make paper aeroplanes and fly them. (PSED, PD, UW, EAD)
  3. Go blackberry picking and make a crumble. (CL, PD, UW)
  4. Take a trip to the woods and see if you can spot Stick Man’s house in any of the trees (L, EAD)
  5. It’s Roald Dahl Day. Make some Marvellous Medicine in the mud kitchen. (CL, L, UW, EAD)
  6. Go on a spider hunt. (CL, UW)
  7. Set up a small world dinosaur swamp in a muddy puddle. (PSED, CL, UW, EAD)
  8. Join in with the Great British Beach Clean. (PSED, PD, UW) http://bit.ly/1BXNyXA
  9. Paint leaves and print patterns with them. (PD, M, UW, EAD)
  10. Catch falling leaves and play name that tree. (PD, CL, UW)
  11. Add conkers, acorns, pinecones, sycamore seeds and dried leaves to the mud kitchen. (CL, UW)
  12. Go apple picking and make a pie. (CL, PD, UW)
  13. Seed gathering season: Go out searching for seeds, plant them and see what happens. (CL, UW)
  14. It’s Red Squirrel Week. Find out where you can see some. (PSED, CL, UW) http://bit.ly/1rM1bST
  15. Press natural objects into clay to make patterns and prints. (PD, M, UW, EAD)
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