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Early Years Classroom was established by Marianne Sargent in 2016 and is aimed at early years education professionals and students.

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Marianne Sargent - author and early years specialist

Marianne Sargent


Marianne is a qualified teacher and has taught in nursery and reception classes in maintained schools in both Jersey and England. She has an MA in Early Years Education and experience of delivering teacher training at university level.

Marianne was born in Jersey in the Channel Islands and recently returned to the island to take on the position of Jèrriais teacher. Jèrriais, Jersey’s traditional language derived from Norman French, is sadly in decline. In her new role, Marianne will be working with the States of Jersey Education Department, local charity Le Don Balleine Trust and L’Office du Jèrriais to bring the language to younger learners.

However, before she can do this Marianne must first learn the language herself! This is a challenge that she relishes and an experience she wants to share with others in the hope that it will inspire them to learn as well. Keep track of her progress by following her blog and get in touch with her on Twitter and Facebook. Marianne would especially like to hear from those who are interested in learning the Jèrriais language and would like to share their learning journey with her.

Educational Writer

Marianne Sargent has written 15 early education resource books for prominent publishers Featherstone Education, Bloomsbury Education and Practical Pre-School Books. Over the past eight years Marianne has been a regular contributor to Nursery World, a fortnightly industry and news magazine for early years education and childcare professionals. She has also contributed to Early Years Educator (EYE), a monthly periodical that specialises in providing in-depth features and analysis about foundation stage practice, as well as Practical Pre-School magazine, which offers information and activity ideas for early years professionals.


Marianne is mum to seven-year-old Harry, a wonderfully creative and talkative little boy, who brims with enthusiasm and constantly wants to share ideas - some of which have gone into the creation of the resources on this website. Marianne has already started to teach Harry some Jèrriais and they have plans to get Dad involved too…

Harry as a Stormtrooper